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General Terms of Sale

(1) The customer shall place the order in writing, stating the relevant data from the company?s catalogue. The customer shall pay any costs arising from changes made to the order as it is processed or from incorrect information.

(2) When processing public or special orders, the buyer shall provide in writing the technical specification of the ordered product for prior approval by the Manufacturer.

(3) BRUK SA shall deliver the goods at the purchase price only to one indicated place, with an extra fee being charged for any other additional transport and handling services. The driver may reasonably refuse to enter the premises for unloading.

(4) Where delivery is made by BRUK SA, the buyer shall check the delivered goods at unloading for quantity, quality and compliance with the order; any defects shall be recorded in the BRUK SA dispatch note. The goods received without reservations are considered as free of visible defects.

(5) Where hidden defects or inconsistencies are discovered before or in the course of the project, the buyer shall discontinue its work and notify the Manufacturer immediately, or else forfeit the warranty (Article 563 of the Polish Civil Code).

(6) If there is a delay in payment, BRUK SA shall charge interest at the statutory interest rate. The date of payment is the date on which the funds are credited to the BRUK SA?s bank account.

(7) Where incomplete packages of paving blocks are purchased, BRUK SA shall charge the customer an extra 15% of the value of the goods on top of the basic price; where incomplete packages of paving blocks are purchased, BRUK SA shall charge the customer an extra 10% of the value of the goods on top of the basic price.

(8) If the goods are sold on returnable wooden pallets with the BRUK logo displayed on them, a contractual deposit shall be charged. The deposit shall be refunded after the pallets are delivered in good condition to a BRUK SA branch. Where the customer has failed to return the pallets within 60 days from the date of purchase, BRUK SA no longer has to refund the full purchase price of the pallets.

(9) Warranty liability for physical defects of the goods is excluded unless the purchase is made by an individual consumer (Article 558(1) of the Polish Civil Code).

(10) In the case of standing cooperation, detailed terms of sale shall be set out in separate contracts. The buyer shall carefully read the terms and conditions of sale, the product information and the warranty conditions.

General product information

1. The paving blocks and concrete products manufactured at our plant are construction products. In accordance with the Construction Products of 16 April 2004, which meets the requirements of Polish and European standards: PN-EN1338; PNEN1339; PN-EN1340.
2. A Declaration of Performance is issued for each product and is available on request.
3. All products delivered to the customer feature a label confirming the parameters of the ordered materials.
4. The declared technical and performance parameters indicated on the label and in the Declaration of Performance in each case are achieved by the concrete products 28 days after the date of manufacture.
5. De-icing agents and surfactants should be used at the appropriate concentrations and after prior consultation with the manufacturer.
6. The use of the products should be in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations found on the product label. Assembly and installation of the material should be carried out in accordance with the manufacturer?s installation instructions. Use of the products for purposes other than those specified by the manufacturer is forbidden; in addition, failure to follow the installation instructions may result in damage to the material and the loss of warranty and guarantee rights.

The following product features comply with the aforementioned European standards and are considered to be insignificant and do not constitute a product defect within the meaning of the Civil Code :

  • Lime scale deposits (efflorescence) – are formed on the surface of the pavers as a result of the physicochemicalprocesses occurring during the maturation of concrete. This does not compromise the performance of the pavers and light limedeposits disappear after a maximum of three years. There are productsavailable on the market to remove efflorescence from pavers that havealready been laid.
  • Hairline micro-cracks – unnoticeable on dry products, but visible when thepaver dries.
  • Flash – the top edge of the products may exhibit so called flash, whichresult from the normal use of the mould and punches. It starts tocrumble away while the paving is laid and is gonecompletely after a short period of use.
  • Minor mechanical damage – cracks, chipping, scratches, surface abrasions may occurduring transport and packing, unloading and
    laying ofthe paving blocks.According to studies, up to 2 % of such damage is permissible duringloading and unloading with cranes, which needs to be taken intoaccount when ordering, and we are not responsible for damagecaused during installation
  • Difference in paving shades – (even of the same production batch) do not depend on themanufacturer and are influenced by the following factors: thequality of the pigments, the colour of the cement, the colour of theaggregates, the temperature, the conditions in which the concretematures and the use of the paving blocks.
  • Pores – small indentations determined by the productionprocess.

Terms of guarantee for vibration-pressed concrete products produced by BRUK SA – purchased directly from the Manufacturer or from building material depots with which the Producer has signed cooperation agreements.

(1) Guarantee rights shall be effective upon acceptance of the products by the Buyer or delivery to the construction site; however, after installation of the products and acceptance of the works, any guarantee claims shall be considered only after full payment for the accepted products.

(2) The guarantee applies only to first-grade products.

(3) The guarantee period is 3 years from the date of purchase.

(4) The manufacturer?s guarantee includes defects due to manufacturer?s fault, in particular:

  • structural defects
  • workmanship defects
  • defects caused by the use of raw materials of inadequate quality

(5) The guarantee does not cover defects and damage caused by:

  • inadequate design or construction of the substructure (the buyer loses the no-fade guarantee if materials of metallurgical origin in the form of metallurgical slag are used for the substructure)
  • improper and incompatible installation of the purchased products
  • inappropriate choice of product for the type and size of loads
  • improper use which is inconsistent with the purpose and characteristics of the purchased products
  • failure to comply with the general rules established by BRUK SA for the laying of paving blocks and construction materials
  • improper storage or transport of purchased products
  • natural disasters, wars, civil unrest and other unforeseeable events
  • inadequate jointing of paving blocks, resulting in discolouration of the paving blocks and in surface stains that are difficult to remove

(6) Claims will rejected if related to defects specifically allowed under relevant industry standards:

  • deviations in dimensions and appearance of the products
  • defects in the top layer of the product resulting ordinary wear and tear
  • calcareous efflorescence in the form of a white deposit which ? depending on the type and intensity ? disappears under the influence of weather conditions and use (abrasion) in up to 3 years
  • losses due to the use of immature products
  • colour deviations due to production process and natural variability of aggregates

(7) Complaints shall be processed once the buyer has provided:

  • a claim in writing
  • the original purchase invoice of the products
  • product labels on the packaging film of each pallet

(8) The filing of a complaint by the buyer concerning the quality of the products obliges the buyer to secure the defective goods until the Manufacturer has carried out tests.

(9) Complaints under this guarantee may be filed directly with the Manufacturer or with building material stores with which the Producer has an effective cooperation agreement.

(10) In the event of defects, the buyer shall refrain from laying the surface and file a complaint. The Manufacturer shall carry out a visual inspection in the shortest possible time (up to 14 working days) at the place indicated by the buyer in order to investigate the validity of the complaint. Any opinions relating to the quality of the advertised product, prepared at the request of the buyer, are not binding and do not constitute grounds for consideration of the complaint or recognition of its validity. In the case of a justified complaint, the defective product shall be replaced with a defect-free product within the time and on the terms agreed mutually. If the buyer has deliberately used a product with previously visible defects, the Manufacturer shall not bear the costs of dismantling and re-using the product. In other cases, the Manufacturer shall bear the costs of replacing the goods up to the amount of the product sales price.

(11) If the buyer has used a product with previously identified defects, the Manufacturer shall not bear the cost of stripping the laid surfaces.

(12) In the event of a justified complaint, the defective product will be replaced with a defect-free product within a mutually agreed time-limit and on a mutually agreed basis, or its grade will be reclassified.

(13) Defective products, after being replaced with new ones, become the property of the Manufacturer.

(14) In justified cases, the manufacturer has the right to refuse to fulfil the guarantee obligations, in particular if:

  • the buyer was aware of the defect at the time of taking over the goods
  • the defect is not significant or does not impair the value and usefulness of the product
  • in the event of the buyer?s failure to pay any amounts due to the Manufacturer

(15) BRUK SA guarantees to the buyer the quality of the product in accordance with Polish and European standards, as appropriate for these products.