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Road and track slabs


Precast tramway slabs are manufactured as:

  • track slabs – designed to accommodate rails
  • intertracks – to be used in the intertrack

Precast reinforced concrete road and track slabs for use inintegrated track and road areas are manufactured as JB-T type slabs and are suitablefor tracks with a track gauge of 1435 mm and as JB-W type slabs suitable for tracks witha track gauge of
1000 mm. All slabs are availablein thicknesses of 40 cm, 35 cm and 30 cm. They are produced in four basic lengths:1000 mm,
1500 mm, 3000 mm and 4000 mm.
For both track and intertrack slabs, there are special slabs (cable, drainage, withintegrated cast iron manhole).
Trapezoidal slabs of 0.67 m and 1.0 m in length are designed for installation on curveswith a radius of R< 60 m.





Depending on the specific project, combinations of the above-mentioned standard slab types are possible, as well as the manufacture of each slab in a different non-standard length. Road and track slabs are finished in a way that provides the right surface roughness.

In special cases, it is possible to use other dies to give the slab surface any texture according to the order specifications: e.g. rhombus, cobblestone, etc.

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